Paul Carter

Full Name: Paul David Carter

Date of Birth: 30th August 1974

Nickname: The Cannonball Carter

Darts: 22g Tungsten of own design

Walkout Music: Cannonball - Ray Stevens

County: Dorset


I have been married to Caroline since 31 August 2001 and we have twin boys, Ashton and Oliver
who were bo
rn on 16 April 2009 and a little boy Lucas.


Paul, Paul en Paul, het moest niet gekker gaan worden met al die Paulen in huis, Maar ja als je er 1 riep had je er 3 voor dezelfde prijs.

En ja Paul, wat je niet verwacht had in een doodgewoon Schijndels kroegje was dat je met 3-0 van het bord  geveegd werd door Davy vd Zande.
Nooit vergeten we jou woorden: Who the hell are you?!

Gelukkig kon hij er wel om lachen, humor heeft ie genoeg.

Jammer genoeg komt ook Paul niet meer over naar Nederland. Contact hebben we nog steeds gelukkig.

 Hieronder zijn verhaal.

I have been playing darts since I was 19, you could say it is in my blood as both my Mum and Dad are keen dart players. My brother, Richie, started playing at the same time and I won’t say too much but he’s pretty good!!

I played my first ever competitive game for The Manor Arms in Burton, we were playing against The Cranleigh Pub, and I drew a feller called Micky Hurst and got whooped 2-1 but it made no odds as I was bitten by the bug. My captain, Steve Pidgley, told me I had played well and from that game I played all season without getting dropped. After a couple of seasons I started playing in the Dorset Superleague for Bournemouth. From there I was picked to represent Dorset in the British Inter County Championships. My first game was the very last game of the 93/94 season, we were Home to Middlesex, I won 3-1 with a 20.64 avg and I absolutely loved it and couldn’t wait for the next season to start. My second game was against Gwent, 94/95 season, I won 3-0 with a 29.47 average which cemented my position in the team and subsequent promotion to the A side where I have continued to play to this date.

I have been playing to County standard for a long time but have always wanted to push it a bit further. I have picked up a few major titles over the years but never enough to get noticed as a serious contender on the circuit. I thought I’d won the lottery when a fellow dart player and friend approached me and offered to sponsor me for the BDO Invitation circuit 08/09 for the 2010 Lakeside Pro.

And that is my story so far. . . .

Outside of darts I enjoy getting out on the golf course, and am a bit of a project person unfortunately not many projects get finished though! Just ask my wife. I also became a Dad this year for the first time.


You can email me to discuss your requirement, and the best way to make your event as enjoyable as possible for you and the people there. 

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